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Volcano Classic UK
422,45 € 448,63 €
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Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Volcano Classic offers a temperature range of 4° - 230°C. This is controlled by a bimetal thermostat with rotatable setting scale. The Volcano is suitable for use with herbs and oils.

In the Volcano, the air is pumped through a heated, high-quality aluminium block. The strong, soundproofed pump ensures a constant air flow, almost without volume or temperature fluctuations. A further advantage is offered by the patented valve balloon into which the generated vapours are pumped. After filling, the balloon can be easily removed from the device.

The user can then inhale the vapour at ease without coming into contact with glass, heat or electricity. The convection process ensures a strong aromatic and pure steam. The Volcano is the classic among the vaporizers and is still the best model on the market thanks to its electromagnetic function, precise temperature setting and incredible efficiency.
Weitere Informationen
TypDesktop Vaporizer
UsageWachse, Herbs
Austauschbare BatterieNein
Oven materialStainless steel
Chamber Capacity0,7g
Haptic feedbackNein
Gleichzeitiges Laden und NutzenJa
Temperaturbereich130°C - 230°C
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